For small businesses and startups, locating office space that meshes with the budget can be tough. Instead of plunging into an expensive or long-term lease, consider using self storage office space for your business.

How Can Self Storage Office Space Help My Business?

If you can find a storage facility with the right business amenities, the benefits can be fantastic. Among them, a far cheaper priced office. It goes without saying that price is a major drawcard in this decision. And you will find no better price, than self storage office space. Some storage units start from as little as R300 per month. Of course, the bigger the unit the higher the price. While a storage unit may seem less-than-appealing to operate a business from, facilities that offer these spaces, tend to make every effort to keep them up to scratch. It is usually a case of more than four walls and a lock on the door. Here are a few things a business should look for in well equipped self storage office space:

  • Wi-Fi throughout the storage facility.
  • Electrical outlets dropped into the storage unit. Used for a computer or for whatever equipment is needed.
  • The availability of conference rooms.
  • Furnished and carpeted units.
  • State of the art security systems.
  • 24 hour access to the storage facility.
  • Climate controlled storage units.

Also, storage facilities can often be found close to a business owner’s home. Plunking your office in one of these facilities, can substantially save commute to work time.  It can also drive that support local business philosophy, by developing ties to the community around you. Yet another important benefit, the availability of the month to month contract. No accounting for the choice of flexibility, and self storage office space certainly provides this.

When Self Storage Office Space Is Not Available In Your Desired Facility

self storage office space

self storage facilities with business amenities may be on the rise, but many facilities do not want tenants to operate businesses inside their units. The traditional self storage use should still be considered here (keeping records or storing inventory, supplies, and equipment). It is especially useful to small home businesses, that need self storage space. There is often a facility close to ones home, and so the house becomes the office, and the facility can becomes the warehouse.

The Crux

Remember, that month to month contract can truly help a startup, by preventing being tied to a lease which may no longer be needed. In the end, it is all about “location, location, location”, flexibility and price. This is why self storage office space should always be considered as an option for startups and small businesses.

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