In self storage Cape Town facilities, and facilities across the country. Car owners are more and more, utilizing car storage to ease there space issues. This is all good and well, but in the winter months, you need a little more prep to make sure your car will be unscathed in your storage unit. Whether you are storing a sedan, or a bakkie. Every type of car needs proper winterization before being moved to self storage. Here are a few pointers.

Climate Control: Self Storage Cape Town

To ensure the best possible protection for your vehicle, car owners should invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. Not every car storage facility will offer an indoor, climate-controlled storage option. However, if the facility does provide climate-controlled units for vehicles, it’s worth the extra cost. By keeping your vehicle in a storage environment, with a consistent temperature, and humidity level. There is less risk of damage to the automobile. Excessive moisture and extreme temperatures both lead to rust, paint damage, and corroded parts.

Clean & Cover: Self Storage Cape Town

Vehicles should be washed and waxed, to remove the road grit from driving. Cleaning your car prevents damage to its paint and parts. A clean car should also be covered in storage, to prevent moisture buildup and paint scratching. Old bed sheets will do the trick. If you are struggling to find a cover, any material that is breathable, will suffice.

Maintain The Battery: Self Storage Cape Town

Self Storage Cape Town: Car Storage

Self Storage Cape Town: Car Storage

Maintaining your car battery is a critical part of storing a vehicle. Depending on how old your car is, and what type of storage you’ve chosen, you may have a few different options. If the storage facility is equipped with electrical plugs, and you have a vehicle equipped with computer modules (common in newer vehicles). Then you would want to leave the battery in the vehicle, and connect a battery tender. This will keep the battery charged and keep any memory, that the vehicle had stored on the computer modules, intact.

Batteries should be hooked to a maintainer that will not overcharge. This will keep the battery healthy and extend its working life. If possible, disconnecting the ground cable from your car’s battery is a good idea as well since it eliminates chances of an electrical short that could start a fire.

If your car isn’t being stored in a climate-controlled environment, it’s better to remove the battery entirely and store it somewhere with climate control, like inside your home.

There’s also a common misconception that stopping by your storage unit to start your vehicle every now and then is helpful for the battery. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not beneficial for a vehicle to be started for short periods to charge the battery.

Stabilize The Fuel Tank: Self Storage Cape Town

It’s essential to not only fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel, before storing. But to also stabilize it, as well. By doing this, you prevent the gas tank from rusting, and the car from not starting when it is time to start. Add a fuel stabilizer designed for modern ethanol-blend fuels. Without this stabilizer, fuel will oxidize and become stale. Causing a hard start, or none at all.

Car Storage Tyre Pressure Check: Self Storage Cape Town

Always check your tyre pressure before moving your car to storage. This will prevent flat tyres from developing while the vehicle sits. At minimum, the pressure should be set to the factory-recommended pressures. They should also be monitored throughout the changing winter temperatures. If possible place jack stands under the axles and suspension. Elevating the vehicle will prevent possible flat spots on tyres. Over-inflating your tyres is another way to prevent flats while in self storage Cape Town facilities, and facilities across the country.

Rodent Protection: Self Storage Cape Town

Rodents are looking for shelter during those winter months. They often make their way into vehicles, where there are plenty of areas to hide from the wind and cold. Unfortunately, they also like to chew on electrical wires. This can be frustrating when you try to start your car again, and it doesn’t start. Though most self storage facilities are good about keeping pests out of their facilities, it never hurts to have additional protection. Most experts agree that car owners should consider rodent prevention, for car storage, over extended periods. Some form of rodent trap, should be placed near or under the vehicle. Whether in climate, or non-climate, controlled facilities. Thousands of dollars could be saved doing this.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. For more useful storage tips, be sure to check out Self Storage Johannesburg, Self Storage Cape Town, Storage Cape TownSelf Storage DurbanSelf Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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