When considering renting storage Cape Town units, you must look at a variety of storage Cape Town prices. In Cape Town, and throughout the country, there are a few main factors which affect these prices. Namely unit size, location of the facility, and the level of demand in the area. In general, storage costs more in big cities, and less in rural areas. If price is your priority, we recommend searching Storage Panda. Then sorting by price, and comparing the most affordable options near you. Here are a few ancilliary points which will affect prices in Cape Town:


Storage Cape Town Insurance

Some facilities require tenants to purchase insurance at move-in. Although many will accept proof of existing homeowners or renters insurance. Whether or not your facility requires it, having insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your belongings. Better safe than sorry!

Storage Administrative Fee

An administrative fee, or “admin fee”, is a one-time fee the facility charges at the time of move-in. This is a very common fee in the storage industry. It is used to offset the costs of setting up your tenant account, and processing the paperwork.

Security Deposit For Storage Cape Town Units

Unless stated otherwise, most Cape Town storage facilities do not require a deposit to rent a unit. Instead, they may charge an administrative fee to cover the costs of paperwork.

A Storage Facility Raising Rent

Rent increases are common in the industry, and depend on the market prices in your area. If you’re concerned about a rent increase during your tenancy. You shoulf go through the lease very carefully with your  facility. Make sure you’re clear on notification procedures, should a rent increase occur.


The Panda hopes that this has helped. For more useful storage tips, be sure to check out Self Storage Johannesburg, Self Storage DurbanSelf Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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