storage johannesburgIf you’re a restaurateur in Johannesburg, during the off season, you may find you’ll need your equipment a little less. Whether you own a restaurant, or you own a catering business, space can become an issue. Storage Panda can help find you a storage Johannesburg facility, in times of need. Storage is a useful option. It allows you to house your equipment in a well priced and safe facility, conveniently located close to the restaurant. Here are a few ideas on how this storage solution can help your business.

Storage Johannesburg: Furniture Storage

Placing your furniture in self storage is useful for the caterer. While restaurants can benefit as well. Caters may need to bring an array of tables and chairs to each event. After said event, storage units can house them. Restaurant owners could store excess furniture throughout the year in these storage units.

Storage Johannesburg: Restaurant Inventory

The catering and restaurant business requires a lot of inventory and supplies. All of this, apart from most perishables, with the exception of maybe wine and beer, can be stored in your storage units. If you’re looking to store some wine and liquor, consider climate controlled units. It is also possible to find wine storage facilities these days.

Storage Johannesburg: Seasonal items

When seasons change, so will your décor and layouts. Storage units are great places to keep decorations, centerpieces, napkins, lighting etc.. It may also be time to put away outdoor fixtures like heaters and patio furniture.

Storage Johannesburg: Organizing your storage unit

Use a methodical approach to make it easy to rotate equipment in and out of self storage. Label each box with the contents, stacking the heavy stuff on the bottom. Use shelving, it can provide a place to keep aprons etc.. Things you may need easy access to. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of what is in your storage unit, and where it is. Keep the frequently needed, towards the front of the unit.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. If you would like to learn more about the storage unit art studio, movers and storage, or any other helpful storage tips. Be sure to check out Self Storage Cape Town, Storage Cape TownSelf Storage Durban, Self Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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