When placing valuable items in storage, you want to know that they’ll be safe from theft and burglary. Since this is a
common concern among self storage users. Your average self storage Durban facility, and other facilities across the country, offer security features to decrease the chance of crime on their premises. Unlike your home, your self storage unit isn’t under your watchful eye at all times. This is why you want to store your belongings at a storage facility that has security as a primary concern.

Basic Security Features (Self Storage Durban)

There are many great security features offered by storage facilities that you can take advantage of. With varying levels of security, you’ll need to compare storage facility amenities. Use Storage Panda to find which is right for you.self storage durban
Most storage facilities offer basics security, including:

Gated Access: An increasing amount of storage facilities use electronic entry gates. With unique passcodes or security cards. This ensure they know exactly who is entering the facility, at all times.
Lighting: If you plan on accessing your storage unit while it’s dark outside, you’ll want the facility to be well-lit. Light can also be a deterrent for thieves, as they can be easily spotted.
On-Site Management: Many facilities will have a manager on duty, during business hours. These managers keep an eye over the property.

Advanced Security Features (Self Storage Durban)

Some facilities offer more advanced, and hi tech, methods of protection. If you plan on storing valuable items, you may want to find a facility with these security features:

Alarmed Units: The most effective way to protect a self storage unit from theft, is to find a unit that is alarmed. This prevents anyone from breaking into your unit. As an alarm will sound if they do.
Video Surveillance: While video surveillance is mostly used to review what went wrong after a burglary. The mere presence of surveillance cameras, has the ability to deter some thieves.
Resident Management: Some facilities have management that live on site. Allowing the property to be supervised 24/7.

Peace of Mind (Self Storage Durban)

Facilities that offer more advanced security features, will often have slightly more expensive rental rates. But the investment may be worth it. What you really gain when you choose better security, is peace of mind. Replacing everything after theft or property damage would be very expensive. So spending more upfront, on security, will save you that cost down the road.

Self Storage Unit Insurance (Self Storage Durban)

There’s only so much a storage facility can do in terms of security—the rest may simply be up to fate. You have the ability, however, to protect yourself and your belongings. You can purchase insurance for your contents in the storage unit. Sometimes, however, a homeowner’s policy will cover the contents of the storage unit. It largely depends on the insurer’s view of the storage facility. You can check with your insurer, or storage facility, in this regard.

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