Mobile storage has found its way into the self storage Johannesburg market. As it has across the country, in fact. Otherwise known as “Portable On Demand Storage” (PODS). These containers/crates/boxes are dropped at a location, for you to load with your contents. They can either be packed at your own convenience, or the PODS business will do the packing for you. The crate is then delivered to a storage warehouse. Here it will wait, until the next delivery location is chosen. This form of storage is obviously very different to the traditional garage self storage unit. We at Storage Panda, thought it may be helpful to spell out the pros and cons of PODS versus garage self storage.

Self Storage Johannesburg: Pros


Self Storage Johannesburg: Mobile vs Garage Storage

Conventional self storage entails packing your goods into a truck. Unpacking them at the storage facility. Packing them again into a truck, and then unpacking them to complete a move. Although most self storage Johannesburg facilities do offer alot of help in this regard. Mobile storage can be far less stress. It can halve the time of loading and unloading, during the storage process. Even more advantageous, is if there is a limbo period. Where you are leaving one residence, and moving into another. The mobile container can hold your items in storage, until you are ready for delivery. Lastly, customers do not need to waste time travelling, back and forth, to the storage facility.

Extra Home Storage

Some mobile storage companies allow you to keep the container at your home. The result, a quick and easy extra storeroom. Of course, this needs to be cleared by certain authorities first… sometimes.

Self Storage Johannesburg: Cons


Mobile storage containers are more expensive per square meter, when compared to the traditional garage self storage unit. This is because there are other value added services built into that price.

Limited Access

If you need regular and quick access to you contents in storage, then PODS are not for you. Mobile storage businesses only provide limited access to the facility. To gain access, you are often required to give a notice period first. Conversely, garage unit facilities sometimes allow 24 hour access to your storage. You can find such facilities on Storage Panda. Just select the 24 hour access amenity, once your search results are displayed.

Limited Sizes

Portable On Demand Storage Units usually only offer one size. If you have a large home, you will need a number of containers.

A new mobile storage trend emerging in the self storage Johannesburg market, overall South African market, and across the world. Are mini mobile storage boxes. These work very much the same as the larger PODS containers. But are more focused on very cluttered urban apartment living. They can be of great use in these situations.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. For more useful storage tips, be sure to check out Self Storage Cape Town, Storage Cape TownSelf Storage DurbanSelf Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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