A fridge is one of the most commonly stored items in self storage Durban units. In fact, this trend occurs in cities throughout the country. Although storing a fridge is relatively simple. They are built to retain moisture, and will probably be reused for food. So here are a few tips to avoid mold, bacteria, funky smells and infestation.

Facility Amenities (Self Storage Durban)

Storage Panda recommends climate controlled self storage for certain electronics, wood and leather. In self storage Durban units, climate control can come in particular handy for car storage. But a fridge, truthfully, will cope just as well in a cheaper, non-climate controlled unit. Generally, if you can store it in a garage, you can store it in a non-climate controlled storage unit. Unless you’re storing something that needs climate control, along with your fridge. Rather opt out of it, and look for a cheaper and closer unit.

A facility amenity which should probably be a priority, is drive-up access. You can filter your search, on Storage Panda, to only show facilities with this amenity. Storing at this type of facility, will minimize the distance you have to move the fridge. Thus, minimizing the risk of damaging that heavy fridge.

Pre-Storage (Self Storage Durban)

self storage durban fridge storage

Self Storage Durban-Fridge Storage

If you want a working clean refrigerator, after you are done storing it. You’d better make sure it is clean as a whistle, before it goes into storage. One concern is mold. It can start on a bit of food debris, and then spread. Another concern is pests. They can be drawn to the tiny pieces of food, and can ultimately destroy the electronic components of a fridge.

Before cleaning, remove all food and unplug. This allows the defrosting process to begin. You want to allow the fridge to defrost for a week before it goes into storage. This will ensure it is completely dry before hand. While in the defrosting process, you can start to clean the fridge. Piece by piece, removable part by removable part. Disconnect the drainage line from the wall during the defrosting process.

Keep Your Fridge Upright (Self Storage Durban)

A failed compressor is the most common event which causes a broken refrigerator. Moving a fridge can cause exactly this. During the move, try to reduce tipping. Do not move or store the fridge on its side. If you do however, let the fridge stand for at least 2 days before plugging it in again.

Avoid The Funk (Self Storage Durban)

Lastly, should you have missed something, and to ultimately avoid any funky smells. Storage Panda recommends you follow the refrigerator manual, and remove the doors while in storage. Do this on both the fridge and freezer compartments. Alternatively, leave the door ajar, by placing an object in front of it. This is less desirable. As the object could damage the door seal.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. For more useful storage tips, be sure to check out Self Storage Johannesburg, Self Storage Cape Town, Storage Cape TownSelf Storage DurbanSelf Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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