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According to Self Storage Pretoria, as an entrepreneur, you do not want to be storing inventory in your spare bedro

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Storage Units For Startups

om. As your business grows, even more reason to find another storage option becomes evident. Using storage units to hold this stock, often makes the best economic sense. Going the warehousing route, will likely inflate costs. You can always use Storage Panda to help find a well priced unit.


Storage Units vs Warehousing (Self Storage Pretoria)

Storage Panda recommends that a startup that deals in product, use self-storage as their warehouse. This as opposed to a two-year lease on an expensive location. Having self storage for a startup or a small company gives you a whole lot of flexibility. Typically, you’ll sign a three-month lease, or a month-to-month lease. Far more appealing, than having to commit to long term leases.
In addition, companies can conveniently expand their storage space as they grow. Rather than having to go out and look for different warehouse space. Most self-storage facilities are open to working with existing customers, to meet their needs. All you need do is request those extra square meters.
Lastly, should you wish to use the exact amount of storage that is needed, and save some cash. Your best bet are storage units. Warehousing often results in paying for some wasted space.

Other Factors When Considering Storage units (Self Storage Pretoria)

Storage Panda recommends talking with your insurance company before moving that inventory. So as to ensure any losses are protected against. Additionally, you should weigh amenities that are important for protection of your inventory. You may need a climate-controlled environment. Be prepared to endure costlier storage units, for this amenity. Using self-storage also preserves a startup’s cash—an important consideration for the entrepreneur. Business owners get too excited and they want to go too big, too fast.

The Panda hopes that this has helped. For more useful storage tips, be sure to check out Self Storage Johannesburg, Self Storage Cape Town, Storage Cape TownSelf Storage DurbanSelf Storage Pretoria and Storage Pretoria.

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