Holiday decorations are generally small trinkets, and therefore, fairly simple to store. There are, in fact, many storage Pretoria facilities that offer this type of storage. However, with artificial Christmas trees, you are dealing with a large object, that requires a lot of storage space. You need to approach these decorations with a storage strategy. Christmas trees can be difficult to move around. And although durable, you need to make sure that your Christmas tree is stored correctly. This will ensure years of use to come. You can get a number of ideas from the manufacturer’s instructions. Some might recommend storing the disassembled christmas tree. While others recommend keeping the tree fully assembled.

Storage Pretoria: How to Store a Fully Assembled Artificial Christmas Tree

This method is often regarded as the most efficient. Mostly because it takes a lot of time and effort to put up and takestorage pretoria down the tree each Christmas. Also, when handling a fully assembled tree, the lights can be kept on the tree during storage. It is important to keep it protected from dirt, dust and debris. Placing the fully assembled tree in an artificial tree bag, is a great way to keep it protected. These bags come in a variety of sizes. Make sure that the storage bag is sized to fit your Christmas tree. To be safe, you might need to get a larger bag. Having wheels on the storage bag will also help move the tree.

Storage Pretoria: Storing a Disassembled Artificial Christmas Tree

If possible, keep the original packaging for the tree. If in good condition, they can help protect it for years to come. If this isn’t an option, use a storage bin or boxes. As you start the process, compress the branches to preserve the lights, needles and branches. Remove the top section of the tree first. Next, take apart the middle of the tree. Lastly, loosen the bolts of the tree stand, and remove the bottom section. Be sure to label the boxes, so you know how to assemble the tree for next season.

Storage Pretoria: Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

White frosted Christmas trees are very sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. They can easily discolour in extreme storage conditions. Store the tree in low humidity storage units, away from light. Climate controlled storage units are also a great option to keep your tree looking great.

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