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Are you in need of additional secure and convenient storage space? Space+’s over-bonnet storage units make use of the unused space in your garage by providing extra storage right above the bonnet of your car.

Whether it’s suitcases, bicycles, surfboards, prams, tools or furniture, Space+ is the accessible on-site storage solution for just about anything you need to store.

Designed to fit international standard parking bays and adhering to building compliance regulations, Space+ expands the storage capacity of your garage without losing valuable parking space. Constructed from 100% recyclable steel, a Space+ unit is guaranteed for 10 years and is available to buy or rent with flexible payment options and a money back guarantee.

Whether you are a building owner, landlord, tenant, manager, developer or member of a body corporate, Space+ has a flexible solution to meet your specific needs.



Please use the reference #pandastorage when speaking with any of our friendly Space+ representatives to qualify for an instant discount!

For more info please fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

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The standard Space+ Unit storage container has the outside dimensions 2500mm wide x 1000mm deep x 1000mm deep.

The standard bonnet clearance is 1000mm making the Space+ Unit exactly 2000mm tall.

Taller leg lengths giving bonnet clearance of up to 1300mm are available as well which would fit almost any vehicle and all 4 x 4 / RV¹s.

All Space+ Units also flatpack easily for moving, storage and handling.


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